Hi Welcome to Jamie Jones Photography! Lets get together and capture GREATNESS! Whether that be your families Vacation on the beach or Portraits in my studio! 

About Me

I am a wife, mother of 4 boys, yoga instructor, retired basketball player that still loves to play lightning in the backyard, and Photographer! My passion for photography started in high school. I worked for the school yearbook, then continued to study photography in college at UVU. My emphasis in college was sports photography.

        While going to school I worked at a photo lab, photographed weddings, and what ever else I could.  For example, I would hike up the ski slopes to photograph my two younger brothers while performing their snowboarding tricks.  I would also follow them to the skate park or get them to do any type of air born trick in the back yard. I also worked for the college newspaper at UVU photographing events such as hockey, soccer, or baseball.  

One of my favorite Artists from Art history is Caravaggio.  His images were very dramatic and full of contrast.  I also like a lot of contrast in my portraits. 

I have a studio in my home that allows me to create these types of images.   I love to photograph people... old people, young people, middle aged people, babies, kids, teenagers, athletes, and yogis! I love to photograph people just as they are or in there element with their passion. I love to capture people's greatness and help them preserve memories of cherished relationships! Lets CAPTURE GREATNESS TOGETHER!!    

Contact Me

112 Robin Ave. #B

Atlantic Beach, NC



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