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We have Moved!!! We are now located in Lakewood Ranch or Bradenton Florida!

I am so excited to be here in Beautiful Florida! We have moved so much it makes my head spin... In my life I have lived in Draper Utah, Moscow Russia, Ulaanbataar Mongolia, Sandy and Riverton Utah, St. George Utah, Gilbert Arizona, Atlantic Beach North Carolina, Billings Montana and now Lakewood Ranch Florida...Hopefully we are here to stay. I have started up my photography business and have met some wonderful people already. The people here are warm and friendly just like the weather!

There is a lot of diversity here which is super exciting to me. I went to my friend Sugandhas cooking class and there was a woman from Ukraine, Cuba, India, England, and America! It is so fun to meet people from different parts of the world and learn about their cultures.

The cooking class was wonderful. Sugandha is a Yoga instructor and also teaches about Auyrdvic cooking. Food as medicine. I loved the things I learned and am going to implement them into my life. Sugandha and I also went paddle boarding. SUP Yoga is always a good time.

Here is a link to her website for her business...

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